Adriana Lima, Kia Motors

Ok, Kia has kinda stepped over the line here (now they wish they would list the agency that made this for street cred). The movie poster painted look is cool, don’t get me wrong, though this paint job doesn’t look anything like Adriana Lima (no I don’t mean she couldn’t be a typical white trash rock band if she dressed that way or made lame songs, or a Nazi Punk KKK and or Nazi KKK Crocofloridaryan glades boxer). For stuff like that, can’t you just paint a picture? I mean do they even have to be standing there in a photograph to then paint them to hell? Adriana Lima is a an object of perfection in too many ways to describe in this write up, though this advertisement only serves as an attribute to make Adriana Lima feel like she is not. She looks really hot as usual in the actual Kia commercial video footage though.

Let me guess, the ad agency that created this is model ideal, not Adriana Lima? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Idiots. Wahh, now they gonna cwy and start a witle fight club because they think they are the creme, and they keep asking you if you’d like some, while raping Adriana Lima in this years figure projection booth. Wahh, we waahv wots of fonts!, hmmph. Or maybe they think in some crazy form of perception that they in some way look as good as Adriana Lima before or after they created this ad campaign? This painted Kia advertisement alone reveals pure insanity for a number of reasons (other than the fact that someone put a backwards logo on it next to that UFC weirdy). What does this ad say about Kia Motors? Straight up 1980’s burger war, in skinny jeans. Get ’em you enter sandman leprechaun little people with angel dust. Get some lame model to pose for this kind of shyte. Adriana Lima obviously isn’t your kind of run of the mill. Whoever art directed this campaign obviously loves the theme of the dual connotation, constant left to right jumping attitude of, and this is nothing more than a forge with that in mind, facilitating only to make a smoking hot women like Adriana Lima feel like she is a rhyme scheme model NOT all that. She can not help being all that and making your mind naut just from looking at any Adriana Lima picture (other than this Kia picture).

Someone, somewhere, didn’t ask “Why the hell is Adriana Lima painted to hell?”. (Right before the person that painted this answers you say) “That’s a rhetorical question, you’re fired. There are probably 500,000 people in Asia alone that can do your job better for less, that I can find in the next 10 days, and that is plenty of time for the next project you were going to work on. Lesson learned. You too Heir Art Director, hit the road in your new Kia. Even better that you 2 car pooled today. I’m you’re getting a good look at the car, that is what it looks like too”.!


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