Gwyneth Paltrow Dating Brad Pitt?

This just in, Gwyneth Paltrow is dating none other than Brad Pitt! Wait a sec, this says 1996! Haha. Who hasn’t Brad Pitt got it on with? What a man ho.

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Amber Heard

Here at, we don’t usually mention the photographer, though not because we don’t like or appreciate photographers, and also light modeling is a very important factor of some photography. One in the same the focus is on models, who are ideal (obviously). Here you see Amber Heard. The picture is somewhat normal or ordinary, however quite to the contrary. Amber Heard is in no way ordinary, thus why this picture looks this way. If you’ve actually ever thought to yourself, ‘why does that pictures look so good?’, 1 it was the model.


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Jessica Miller, Blugirl

You land on a tropical planet wild with … Jessica Millers, everywhere. You don’t know at first, though you sense you’re being hunted … All of a sudden you see movement in the bushes, then emerging slowly, various Jessica Millers. You’re surrounded. They seem to want something. They look way too good in the Blugirl Spring Collection 2012. Planet Jessica Miller is highly recommended.

Jessica Miller for BlugirlJessica Miller for BlugirlJessica Miller for Blugirl SpringJessica Miller for Blugirl SpringJessica Miller for Blugirl SpringJessica Miller for Blugirl SpringJessica Miller for Blugirl SpringJessica Miller for Blugirl Spring


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Carmen Kass

Yet another model that still looks seriously ideal, even though she is older. Proving that there is promise for a long modeling career, as is also proven by various others listed on here so far also. This B&W is really hot. Personally I’m not always a fan of the biker chic (biker chics in real life usually look pretty tore up, haha). Carmen Kass as a biker chic, that’s quite another story. Carmen Kass is also a known avid and skilled chess player. Beauty and brains all in one package, that’s evolution!


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Heidi Klum (The Body)

One of the few modeling today that have been modeling for years at the top of their game, she’s always jaw droppingly gorgeous, too many good shots to even mention, can even pull off that famous smile though still look completely elegant with perfect poise and form. One of the very sexiest women ever. Commonly known as The Body, Heidi Klum.

heidi klum

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Love 2010, Again

How many of you bought Love Magazine issue #3? Well did you collect them all? Huh! Did you! Here they are, in all their glory (well not really, they are nude in the actual magazine though). In the line up we have, Kate Moss, Naomi Camp­bell, Kris­ten Stew­art, Amber Val­letta, Natalia Vodi­anova, Daria Wer­bowy, Jeneil Williams and Lara Stone.

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Aymeline Valade, Valisere (2010)

Yes, it’s good to revisit previous editorials that aren’t recent, there are so many various gems. Here you see the amazingly shaped, mesmerizing, Aymeline Valade. She wears this lingerie so well, it’s as though it’s painted on.

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